The CIDVER Toolkit

The CIDVER Methodology is comprised of a set of tools, processes and skills that provide a standardized and practical approach to every engagement. The CIDVER Methodology allows teams to quickly initiate projects, effectively execute using proven tools and processes, and leverage skills of all participants. Our Methodology is based on a combination of industry standards, best practices and hands-on implementation experience. Our Methodology provides the framework for setting up, initiating and executing projects, with the ability to tailor them to our customer unique environments and requirements. As shown, the CIDVER Methodology is based on a toolkit that integrate assets, knowledge, management, and processes.

CIDVER Toolkit

How are we able to produce results quickly? Our methodology toolkit integrates the essential elements for success, delivering the full-spectrum of services required by IT and mission customers. The elements are:

  • Proven assets to assist with defining, documenting and delivering agreed upon results. CIDVER Corporation's assets include broad base of templates, Standard Operating Procedures, checklist and ready-to-use artifacts which can used during any phase of a project's lifecycle.
  • Standard processes that use industry best practices tailored to meet our customers unique needs. CIDVER processes have been created utilizing industry accepted standards and methodologies such as ITIL, PMP, CMMI and ISO. We work with all these methodologies as part of our service model, and understand that implementation of these processes is not prescriptive, but need to be integrated into an organization's business and technical processes.
  • Team management to effectively leverage all project participants through effective facilitation, coordination, and program management. CIDVER recognizes that teams may be comprised of not only our resources but also customer and other commercial personnel. We integrate the services across the team to deliver the comprehensive services and results, including knowledge transfer so our customers can perform similar projects in the future.
  • Knowledge and expertise from Federal and commercial projects, ranging in size up to billion-dollar presidential initiatives. CIDVER Corporation understands success can only be achieved when any new solution or process is effectively utilized by levels of participants. This includes users, stakeholders and management. CIDVER Corporation has extensive experience working with diverse groups of participants, facilitating positive interactions, and delivering agreed upon results.

How do we remain agile to customer needs? For each engagement , we select the most applicable assets and processes from our methodology. We use our decades of experience, knowledge, and lessons learned to tailor the selected solution and apply proven management techniques to successfully deliver on-time, on-budget results every time.

What services do we deliver? For more information on the types of services we deliver using our standard methodology, see the Services section of this Web site.